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I am an out-of-network provider and do not accept any insurance or insurance payments. I am not part of  any insurance panels and am not a Medicare or Medicaid provider. I will provide an invoice including all the information needed to seek reimbursement from your insurance. You are responsible for checking your insurance out of network coverage policy including if you have a deductible, what percentage you are covered for out of network services, and in what window of time you need to submit your claims.

I accept zelle, venmo, and credit card payments.

The office is located on West 86th Street between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues.  This is located 1.5 blocks East from the #1 train station at 86th Street and Broadway and 1.5 blocks West from the B & C trains station at 86th Street and West End Avenue.   The office is also conveniently located on the M86 bus route.

You can cancel your appointment two business days in advance without incurring any charges.If you don’t show up or don’t cancel before 48 business hours you will be charged for the session.

For example if your appointment is Tuesday at 3:00 pm you need to cancel by Friday at 3:00pm. If Monday is a Holiday you would need to cancel by Wednesday at 3:00pm. 

Children and Adolescents: Comprehensive evaluations are usually completed over three sessions of 60 minutes each. 

Young adults ( up to 30 years old): Evaluations for young adults who are connecting to treatment independent of family members can be completed in two 60 minute sessions. Otherwise evaluations can be completed in three sessions if needed.

All sessions can be scheduled virtually or in person depending on need and preference. 

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